Virtual Reality Industry Forum launches industry guidelines

The Virtual Reality Industry Forum, a group focused on expanding VR, has launched its first set of VR industry guidelines. The guide covers topics ranging from content, distribution, security and usage, according to a press release.

The forum also offered key tips in the guide on how to craft a 360-degree video experience. In particular, it shows areas of cross-industry interoperability, best practices for creating content to avoid motion sickness and security concerns.

"As virtual and augmented reality continue to evolve, the VRIF Guidelines serve two main purposes: first, to support end-to-end interoperability across the virtual reality ecosystem, from production to consumption, and second, to ensure a high quality user experience," Rob Koenen, president of the Virtual Reality Industry Forum, said in the release. "As the industry moves towards standardized VR solutions, we are also cooperating closely with other industry organizations including MPEG, 3GPP, DVB, VR Society and ITU to facilitate technology integration for VRIF member companies and other related partners."

Topics: 3D Digital Signage, Display Technology

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