NEC partners with Infinera and Juniper Networks for network control, automation

June 5, 2017

NEC Corp. and Netcracker Technology have partnered with Infinera and Juniper Networks to launch the NEC transport SDN solution for network management and control. The solution provides full visibility across IP, optical and microwave domains, according to a press release.

Transport SDN is designed to help users create network slices for specific services such as on-demand customer requests. It also allows users to automate their network service infrastructure.

The companies demonstrated the solution as part of the Optical Interworking Forum/Open Networking Foundation Transport API project. Users in the project executed a multidomain path selection across several global cell phone carrier labs such as Verizon and Telefonica. In this demonstration, NEC's SDN controller used the transport API to communicate with Juniper's NorthStar Controller at Verizon's lab and the Infinera Xceed optical SDN domain controllers at Telefonica's lab.

"Service providers need a master transport SDN solution that optimizes network traffic and automates configuration to maximize performance across all transport layers," Shigeru Okuya, senior vice president at NEC Corp., said in the release. "With the support of our partners, NEC and Netcracker ensure that our customers can leverage best-of-breed solutions with minimal risk to enable end-to-end network automation and control."

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