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As the world reinvents itself, your challenge is to explore it. There are countless new ways to work, new ideas to share and new things to see. And NEC Display Solutions is there with you every step on the way.

NEC designs, produces and delivers leading-edge, visual display solutions for a wide range of markets, environments and applications including education, digital signage, graphics, healthcare, restaurants, retail, transportation and many more. 


Offering a broad selection of projectors, desktops, large-screen and LED displays, we are the only vendor who can offer a complete display solutions portfolio. Combine these offerings with our global reach and breadth of industry partners and the result is a customized, technology-rich solution optimized specifically to meet your company’s unique needs.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation, NEC Display Solutions leverages award-winning display technologies and advanced research and development to build on our rich history of product innovation. Our business is driven by advanced technologies, industry-leading service and value-add programs that help increase your productivity and let you see your digital world in a more dynamic way.


Products and Services

10,000-Lumen Professional Installation Laser Projector

Think about projection technology in a whole new light with NEC’s NP-PX1004UL, a powerful installation laser projector perfect for all-new applications. Learn more »

24” Widescreen Full HD Monitor with 4-Sided Ultra-Narrow Bezel & IPS Panel

NEC’s EX241UN 24-inch display has four of the slimmest bezels on the market, with a bezel of just 0.8mm on all four sides. Learn more »

42” Landscape Kiosk

NEC’s digital signage kiosks offer unprecedented elegance in a large format kiosk. Learn more »

30” Color 6-Megapixel Medical Diagnostic Display with LED Backlighting (FDA 510(k) approved)

The 30” NEC Display Solutions’ MultiSync MD302C6, an LED-backlit color diagnostic display, is designed for the demanding needs of healthcare professionals in medical imaging and multi-modality PACS.  Learn more »

4K UHD Display Products

NEC Display Solutions offers 4K UHD products for all kinds of digital signage applications, including large format displays and even powerful laser projectors for the largest image demands.  Learn more »

Laser Projectors

NEC Display Solutions’ solid state light source laser projectors inherently have longer, steadier brightness than traditional lamp-based projectors, offering the highest image quality for digital signage.  Learn more »

Education Display Solutions

Offering a school environment with the latest technology can be tough! NEC Display Solutions can help update your school’s display technology while staying within your budget and providing products that future-proof your investment.  Learn more »

Healthcare Display Solutions

Educate, entertain and assist patients with digital signage and kiosks throughout your healthcare environment. Learn how NEC can provide a full, dynamic solution with digital displays.  Learn more »

Restaurant Display Solutions

Integrating digital signage and digital menu boards into your restaurant environment helps captivate your customer’s attention and business. NEC offers large-screen displays built specifically for a restaurant’s display needs.  Learn more »

Retail Display Solutions

Enhance the consumer experience of your retail environment with the latest visual technology. From large-screen displays to projectors, NEC offers products with features that meet the needs of retailers.    Learn more »

Transportation Display Solutions

Within the fast pace environment of the transportation industry, providing visitors with relevant, up-to-date information and wayfinding tools is vital. Ensure the success of these factors with the latest display technology.  Learn more »
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