MuxLab launches 4K extender for transmission over IP networks

MuxLab has launched its SDI over IP 4K Uncompressed Extender, which connects cameras and other video sources to multiple displays. The extender links to a 10 Gigabye Ethernet switch to enable point-to-multiport and multiport-to-multiport configurations, according to a press release.

MuxLab's extender supports uncompressed 4K video resolutions at 30 Hertz with no latency, according to the release. The solution can also connect a transmitter directly to a receiver, and can extend HD/3G/6G-SDI by 400 meters using multimode fiber cable or up to 40 meters with a standard CAT5/6 cable.

"MuxLab aims to help integrators and broadcasters achieve a constant signal delivery by implementing ST-2110 ready equipment adhering to the new SMPTE standard. This extender provides unprecedented flexibility and delivers uncompressed video with no latency, which is fundamental in this industry," Joe Teixeria, director of product development, MuxLab, said in the release.

Topics: 4K Ultra HD, Display Technology, Hardware

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