Hackers target digital signage in Liverpool, England

June 6, 2017

Recently, hackers hijacked an outdoor display in Liverpool England to display the message, "We suggest you improve your security. Sincerely, your friendly neighborhood hackers. #JFT96." Distec, an industrial computing specialist, is recommending that businesses reexamine their hardware and software security after the event, according to a press release.

Recent major cyberattacks in the U.K. such as the recent hack of the National Health System's IT operations, have pushed the U.K. government to invest in increased cybersecurity measures.

"Almost half of U.K. businesses reported a breach in cybersecurity in 2016, a figure that has doubled since the previous year," Adrian Swindells, director at Distec, said in the release. "This is why Distec is calling for all businesses — not just those that use digital signage — to make sure they are prepared for the risks of a cyberattack. Business leaders need to ensure that all hardware and software is regularly updated to protect against any loopholes."

Swindells pointed out that even small businesses are often a target for criminals, since they often lack the necessary safety protocols and tools.

"Even small attacks, where hackers move around a few characters of computer code, could be devastating," Swindells said. "Many of our customers rely on digital signage units to interact and communicate messages with their customers, so they must be secure and reliable, making updated hardware and software a key priority for business owners."

Topics: Hardware, Outdoor Signage, Software

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