First touchdown at the Super Bowl? Digital signage is already in the end zone

First touchdown at the Super Bowl? Digital signage is already in the end zone

This Sunday, fans will flock to Arizona for the biggest football game of the year as the NFL's Seattle Seahawks face the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. In preparation for this season and ultimately this game, University of Phoenix Stadium and the Arizona Cardinals have improved their venue's game-day experience by calling on Daktronics of Brookings, South Dakota, to manufacture and install a new high-definition LED video display, equivalent to two true high-definition displays side by side, in the south end zone, according to an announcement from Daktronics.

Dating back to 2006, Daktronics has installed a total of 18 individual LED video displays — a total of more than 20,000 square feet — for the Arizona Cardinals, the venue's home team.

"As of this year, Daktronics products have been used at all of the past 11 venues to host football's biggest game," said Will Ellerbruch, Daktronics national sales manager. "It's a testament to our product development and services that teams at the professional level of sports select our company to manufacture their displays, and the Arizona Cardinals and University of Phoenix Stadium are no exception. The upgrades to their video display system this season are sure to provide an extra level of excitement at the game on Sunday."

The display measures 58-feet high by 164-feet wide to provide an additional 9,512 square feet of live video and replays for fans inside the stadium. It incorporates a 13HD pixel layout for crisp and clear imagery and includes high contrast technology for image quality as well as wide viewing angles designed to reach every seat in the stadium. The display also features variable content zoning which allows its operator to show one large image to highlight live video and instant replays, and also multiple windows to show any combination of statistics, animations and game information that fans crave, as well as highlighting sponsor messages to a captive football audience.

In addition to the video displays, Daktronics will have three field engineers and one applications engineer on site to provide support from 7 hours before the event starts, throughout the entire event and until fans leave the stadium. The team will also be on-site providing pre-event checks in the days leading up to the game.

For a closer look at Daktronics and what the company provides for professional football facilities, the company said to tune in to "CBS Sunday Morning" this Sunday for a special segment.

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