Docomo achieves 8K signal in 12 channel MMT

Docomo Inc. announced this week that it successfully transmitted 8K video in 12 channel MPEG Media Transport using 5G mobile technology. The company achieved this test at its R&D center in Yokosuka, Japan, as part of a collaboration with Sharp Corp., according to a press release.

Typically, 8K video requires a data rate of 80 megabytes per second on average per channel, which is difficult to manage on current LTE. In this test, Docomo was able to use MMT technology to deliver 8K video much quicker than average. The company also used an 8K video receiver with an error detection/correction function to ensure the content's reception was not interrupted by blocking objects such as trees and terrain.

Docomo plans to hold further tests of 8K video transmission for verticals such as sports and surveillance, according to the release.

Topics: 4K Ultra HD, Display Technology, Software

Companies: Sharp Electronics

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