Datapath ships video wall controllers for command, control rooms

Datapath is shipping its VSN982 and SVN1182 video wall controllers built for command and control room environments and featuring improved power and cooling, according to a press release.

Both models come with a Xeon processor, 32 GB of RAM, dual SSD disks and an RPSU power supply. Users can use a 240GB or 48GB SSD drive with the controllers. Datapath built a new chassis design to improve air flow and reduce temperature and fan noise, according to the release.

"These latest additions to our VSN series mean these powerful and versatile controllers can run at optimum efficiency with no cooling concerns — important to a stable, reliable system and vital in 24/7 command and control environments," Ben Dale, product manager, Datapath, said in the release.

Topics: 4K Ultra HD, Display Technology, Hardware

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