Altia Systems intro AI head detection for video conferencing

Altia Systems, a provider of a 4K camera system, has introduced its Intelligent Vision 2.0 suite of products, which features an AI head detector convolutional neural network. The company designed this technology with Intel to provide face detection for its PanaCast 2 video conferencing solution, according to a press release.

The suite comes with embedded face detection using front/side facial views. This tool can measure room occupancy levels, room calendar management and can automate key tools such as monitors, lights and video conferencing equipment. It detects people up to 12 feet away.

The suite also includes advanced people detection based on CNN, which can detect people from all directions up to 40 feet, and Intelligent Zoom 2.0, which includes temporal filtering and AI head detector, and can automatically zoom the video frame in and out to include all participants.

"The Intel Core processor optimized AI head detector technology combined with the low distortion 180-degree field of view video produced by the PanaCast camera enables businesses to make better decisions, automate workflows and improve business efficiency," said Praveen Vishakantaiah, vice president of client computing group and general manager of client architecture and innovation, Intel Corp.

Topics: 4K Ultra HD, Corporate Communication, Display Technology

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