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Digital signage can revamp the Black Friday experience

Black Friday is still a major brick-and-mortar retailer event, drawing in $2.4 billion in revenue last year. At the same time, customers spent $10 less in 2016, than they did in 2015. Retailers need to step up their game to boost sales, and one way to do that is with digital signage.

South African retailer delivers digital journey with digital signage

Clicks aimed to deliver a better customer experience that informed distracted customers. With a digital signage solution, the retailer was able to boost dwell time and sales.

Media players part 1: Picking the best solution

Picking the best media player can be a real chore. It's key to understand what type of content to use.

'I'm liking it:' Reviewing McDonald's menu boards

Recently, I made a trip to the Golden Arches, not just to get a burger, but also to see if the restaurant's menu boards lived up to the hype. I examined them on the basis of visual content, presentation and readability to see if they earned my 'I'm lovin' it' seal of approval.

Digital signage 5 for 5: October 2017

Last month, users gobbled up stories on McDonald's, software, restaurants and digital signage horror stories.

Digital signage Q&A: Touchscreen edition

One way to boost customer involvement is to integrate touchscreens with your displays, but there are issues, however, dealing with the logistics.

VR experience brings the fear to laundry

In order to promote a washing machine, Whirlpool teamed up with JCDecaux to craft a hair-raising VR experience that brings the fear to the laundry.

3 pitfalls to avoid with digital signage deployment

It can be easy to sink a lot of money into a digital signage project, only for it to all fall apart. It's important to avoid three pitfalls to have a successful deployment.

I'm lovin' it in Italy: McDonald's launches delivery via interactive bus shelters in Milan

McDonald's transformed three bus shelters in Milan, Italy into interactive stores where customers can order via a touchscreen and have food delivered to them. The QSR did this to promote the launch of its online delivery service, McDelivery, in Italy.

3 tips to ensure digital signage is successful in restaurants

Many restaurants are snatching up digital signage like candy, but there's still major challenges when addressing the logistics, user friendliness and customer experience challenges.

LA cafe freshens up complex menu with digital signage

One LA cafe aimed to create a truly laid back atmosphere with many healthy options. The only problem was the menu was far too large for customers, so the cafe turned to digital signage to help them deliver better content portions.

Digital menu boards bring the farm to the table

A farm friendly fast casual ran into trouble squeezing its 50+ items into menus. It turned towards digital signage to deliver it's fresh customer experience.

Join the future: Participate in the 2018 Digital Signage Future Trends Report

The time has come for the 2018 Digital Signage Future Trends Report. Take the future trends survey to receive 25 percent off the final report, and enter to win a $100 gift card. You can also submit a blog to be included in the report. If yours is chosen, you'll receive a free copy.

Digital signage 5 for 5: September 2017

Over the last several months, restaurants have dominated the top stories on Digital Signage Today, but September readers branched out a bit and explored topics ranging from retail digital signage kiosks to future trends.

Can 'attract screens' lure in customers?

One way retailers are luring in customers to their display or kiosk is by using digital signage attract screens.

Digital signage software: Where to begin?

Digital signage seems simple, but choosing software can be a challenge. Where do you begin?

3 key digital signage lessons for restaurants

More restaurants than ever are embracing technologies ranging from kiosks to menu boards. I have learned a number of key lessons to help make digital signage successful in restaurants. They relate to communication, the environment and the logistics.

Q&A: Digital signage current, future trends (part 2)

David Weatherhead, CEO of Advanced, discusses key trends in the market, including the increasing growth of video walls and LED technology, as well as how companies are future-proofing their investments.

Lazy content should be flushed down the drain

Earlier this week, I saw digital signage near a mall restroom with content I would have happily flushed down the toilet. Lazy content creates useless digital signage.

Digital signage 5 for 5: August 2017 edition

August's top stories really hit readers in the stomach, with topics ranging from the basics of menu boards to viral videos at the bar. One story in particular examined if digital signage is finally taking over drive thru menus, while others examined LED technology.

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