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NEC announces 'Age of Collaboration' for digital signage

NEC announces 'Age of Collaboration' for digital signage

Display technology has advanced at such a fast pace that collaboration among solution providers has taken on a new level of importance. Innovations in display lighting, video enhancement, biometric identification, anonymous analytics, IoT sensors, AI and other specialties have opened new floodgates, but call for new partnerships

Peerless-AV announces Motorized Collaboration Cart for A/V

Peerless-AV recently launched its Motorized Collaboration Cart: the SR598ML3. Customers can use this cart to raise or lower touchscreen displays, according to a press release. The cart can adjust display height up to 25.6 inches.

Peerless-AV intros rotational wall mount, mobile cart for Samsung display

Peerless-AV recently introduced a Rotational Wall Mount and Mobile Cart with Rotational Interface for the 55-inch Samsung Flip, an interactive UHD display. Customers can use these devices to mount the Flip on a wall or mount and easily rotate it...

Peerless-AV extends large venue projector mount line

Peerless-AV has extended its large venue projector mount product line with the PJR250 model. The model comes with a "Hook and Hang" feature, which offers a large landing area when connecting the projector to the mount, according to a press...

Peerless-AV intros LED Video Wall Configurator

Peerless-AV recently launched its LED Video Wall Configurator to allow users to streamline their designs for LED video walls. Customers can use the tool to design the video wall and then request a quote for a mount, according to a...

Volta Digital Hybrid Charging Stations

Volta Digital Hybrid Charging Stations

Peerless-AV® Works with Volta Industries to Create Custom Charging Stations for Retail Centers.

Case Study: Sprinklr Installs Peerless-AV® Video Wall Mounts

Case Study: Sprinklr Installs Peerless-AV® Video Wall Mounts

Peerless-AV® helps global brand wow customers with installation of large video wall in NYC headquarters.

Peerless-AV intros next generation of wireless HD multimedia

Peerless-AV has launched its PeerAir Wireless HD Multimedia System, built to improve user experience and signal transmission while removing the need for multimedia wires, according to a press release. The PeerAir features 802.11n technology, external directional antennas and a signal that can go through multiple walls, floors and ceilings.

Peerless-AV develops custom mounts for Samsung Direct View LED displays

Peerless-AV has launched its IF Mount for Samsung Direct View LED displays. This mount can create video walls for various spaces such as malls, corporate lobbies and stadiums, according to a press release. Users can adjust the height and depth of the mount to insure all LED pixels are aligned and the plane is flat.

LG to showcase OLED, video walls, monitors at NYC event

LG Electronics USA Business Solutions plans to showcase its line of digital signage solutions on Nov. 2 as part of its LG Commercial Display Roadshow at 404 Studios in New York City.

Peerless-AV brings menu boards, kiosks to the zoo

Peerless-AV recently showcased its kiosk and digital signage solutions at the Indianapolis Zoo for the 2017 Annual Association of Zoos and Aquariums Conference from Sept. 11 to 12.

Considerations for retail digital signage deployments

Considerations for retail digital signage deployments

Digital signage represents one of the most promising technologies for kiosks. Yet the cost remains a prohibitive factor for many companies that potentially have much to gain by improving customer engagement via today's digital capabilities.

Peerless, BrightSign intro digital signage kiosk

Peerless-AV and BrightSign recently teamed up to create an All-in-One Kiosk. The digital signage kiosk is powered by a BrightSign built-in digital signage module to deliver interactivity, HD video and more, according to a press release. This kiosk is designed with a 55-inch LCD display with six points of IR touch.

Hospital ships set sail with digital signage

NEC Display Solutions of America has donated more than 2,000 displays to Mercy Ships, a faith-based organization that performs surgeries on hospital ships. NEC will provide a variety of displays including video walls and touchscreens, according to a press release....

Will LED Displays Kill LCD Video Walls?

Will LED Displays Kill LCD Video Walls?

Although LED display performance may be getting on par with that of LCD screens, the death of the LCD may be exaggerated.

LED or LCD: Finding the best video wall solution

LED or LCD: Finding the best video wall solution

For companies interested in jumping into the world of video walls, the biggest question they have to address is whether to use LCD or direct view LED displays.

Peerless-AV showcases interactive digital signage, custom kiosks at zoo, aquarium

Peerless-AV, a provider of digital signage solutions, showcased its weatherproof, interactive digital signage solutions and custom kiosks at the 2016 annual Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA Conference Showcase) Sept. 9-11 at the San Diego Convention Center, according to a...

Digital signage, AV solutions provider celebrates 75 years

Peerless-AV, a digital signage and AV solutions provider, is celebrating its 75th anniversary. The company, originally known as Peerless Industries, opened in 1941 in Illinois. "Reaching these milestones are important moments for us at Peerless-AV and we are happy to...

Peerless-AV launches new video wall mount

Peerless-AV, a provider of audio-visual, digital signage and mounting solutions, has introduced its new SmartMount Supreme Full Service Video Wall Mount (DS-VW775), according to a company press release. The latest addition to the SmartMount DS-VW line, the Supreme Mount, featuring...

Peerless-AV launches website

Peerless-AV,has launched its new website, The site uses responsive technology to deliver a design that is compatible with all browsers, mobile devices and tablets, according to a company press release.

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