eyefactive provides unlimited multitouch & object recognition technology for large-scale touchscreens integrated into tables and walls, combined with innovative multiuser apps in world's first professional app store for interactive digital signage touchscreen software. For effective marketing at point of sale & information.

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Eyefactive rolls out touchscreen object recognition tech

Eyefactive has unveiled touchscreen object recognition as a feature for its AppSuite software. Users can place products on a display to receive additional information, according to a press release. When customers place an item on the touchscreen, AppSuite will display a chart with a number of key attributes about the product.

3M and eyefactive showcase interactive digital signage

3M and eyefactive recently teamed up to showcase interactive digital signage at Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam. The companies displayed touchscreens with PCAP technology, which can recognize 80 touch points simultaneously, according to a press release. Eyefactive provided interactive software...

Eyefactive enables object recognition for touchscreens

Eyefactive has launched marker chips for objective recognition on touchscreen displays. With these chips, users can place physical objects directly on the display to bring up further information and points of interaction, according to a press release. There are a...

Eyefactive develops multi-touch software with customized layers

Eyefactive recently launched its multi-touch software app called ClickThrough. End users can craft various layers in their displays that can handle various types of content such as images, text and social media buttons, according to a company announcement. The software...

Whitepaper - Minority Report 15 Years Later - Technologies for POS

Whitepaper - Minority Report 15 Years Later - Technologies for POS

This special report covers interactive technologies from hollywood movie "Minority Report" in the context of retail and point of sale (POS).

Whitepaper - What is Interactive Digital Signage?

Whitepaper - What is Interactive Digital Signage?

As digital signage gradually started to eliminate the printing factor and facilitating content distribution to all designated media, including indoor and outdoor media locations – interactive digital signage swooped in to become more attainable to the end user (...)

Quick Guide: Your Successful Interactive Signage Solution

Quick Guide: Your Successful Interactive Signage Solution

Learn about how to implement successful interactive digital signage solutions with multitouch systems and innovative multiuser software at point of sale, information and entertainment.

Eyefactive extends touchscreen portfolio

Multitouch specialists eyefactive have added a new range of touchscreen systems to their portfolio since early 2017, available either for purchase or rent, according to a press release. LCD displays with different touch sensors in different sizes and formats, including...

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