How centrally-managed digital signage provides peace of mind

| by Ben Stagg
How centrally-managed digital signage provides peace of mind

Digital signage enables dynamic message management at point of sale, allowing a brand to change offers as often as desired.

The problem with traditional printed POP is that it is what it is, and can't be changed without physically replacing the pieces. The beauty of centrally-managed digital signage is that the message can be modified at any time, to reflect special, seasonal or even weather-related offers with tailored content.

As one retailer said, "There's nothing like having a wiper blade replacement offer in front of customers during our rainy season. It really makes an impact."

Simple message modification also decreases the time between when a customer is introduced to a message and the point of purchase. Centrally-managed digital signage quickly and easily provides message and brand compliance at all times.

Centralized management also provides continuous monitoring of the display and display content, ensuring usage compliance and quick response to any maintenance issues. When digital signage is remotely and centrally managed by the provider, they can know at all times the health of the system and be sure that all offers are up and running when they should be.

If something does fail, the digital signage provider can find out at the same time — or even before — the retail location and have maintenance in motion. Quick fixes and consistent maintenance allow for worry-free digital signage for the retailer and the brands, but also depend on central management.

Using RS232 allows remote control and monitoring of the display. Using an RS232 port also provides connectivity to the commercial-grade monitors for power, input and diagnostic control. Digital signage providers may differ in their technologies, but choosing a provider that guarantees central management not only reduces retailers' support requirements, but also reduces total cost of ownership.

Centralized remote management of your digital signage assets and messaging ensures properties are trouble-free and delivering the right content. It also lowers marketing cost as it increases ROI for the brand and retailer. Easily updated content, content compliance, consistent maintenance and usage compliance all equate to centrally-managed worry-free digital signage that provides peace of mind.

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Ben Stagg
Digital Signage Certified Expert Ben Stagg, director of R&D for Vital Media Inc., is responsible for the technology solutions and deployment infrastructure for Vital Media’s digital signage solutions. Stagg started his own digital signage company in 2004, before selling it in 2007 and joining Vital Media. wwwView Ben Stagg's profile on LinkedIn

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