Digital signage the Rx for chronic boredom

Oct. 21, 2014 | by Kelly Eisel
Digital signage the Rx for chronic boredom

Painting the picture of the patient's mindset:

Chances are your patients have used a sick day to be able to make this appointment, instead of lounging by the pool. Chances are your patients' anxiety levels are through the roof as they anticipate their test results. Chances are the last thing your patients want to hear is "Have a seat in the waiting room." And just as they're about to text or check their email, they spot the "No Cell Phones Allowed" sign. So they tuck in and silently curse existence.

To ease the persistent boredom brought on by the waiting room, offices are turning to digital signage solutions. The electronic screen allows the transmission of endless dynamic content. All of the amenities that patients would be using their phone for (clock, weather, news feeds) can be incorporated into your campaigns. Patients will be entertained and informed by the content displayed on your digital signage, lessening their perceived waiting time.

*Digital signage reduces perceived wait times in medical offices by as much as 50 percent (Arbitron).*

Content that benefits every office:

Don't rely on mundane flyers to inform your patients of upcoming events. Alerts for flu shots, vaccines, blood drives and more can be programmed into your digital signage campaign. Make slides that display office hours during the holiday season, and show support for disease awareness weeks.

Advise your patients before the exam even begins:

From there, the content options are only just beginning. Dynamic content can revolve around one particular health care field, or many. Here are some examples of how offices can utilize their digital signage:

  • Obstetricians and gynecologists can transmit pregnancy tips and information about recent medical advancements;
  • Psychiatrists can incorporate inspirational quotes and positive mediations into their campaigns;
  • Pediatricians can transmit puzzles, games, and fun facts for kids;
  • Dermatologists can share information about common skin disorders and UV awareness tips; and
  • Allergists can create campaigns with food allergy myths and facts, and even pollen level or other allergen Indicators.

Three ways to benefit from digital signage:

  1. Clean up the office: Toss the old, bacteria-ridden magazines in the trash, and take down the bursting bulletin board. WIth digital signage, all of the information you need to display is uploaded to a clean, sleek screen.
  2. Lower bills: Most digital signage systems allow users to set signage on a schedule that powers off when no one will be watching. If the office is closed on between noon and 1 p.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends, customize the signage schedules.
  3. Make money marketing: Instead of cluttering desks and bulletin boards with pharmaceutical marketing, advertise on your signage. It's an effective way to generate revenue for the office.

Image courtesy of Lisa Larson-Walker.

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