3 reasons why customers ignore your digital signage

| by Bradley Cooper
3 reasons why customers ignore your digital signage

Nothing is quite so discouraging as spending a large amount of money on a gift for a friend, family member or romantic partner, only for them to react with indifference. Sure, they might say "thank you," but their face says, "why did you get me this?"

If your business uses digital signage, the last thing you want is for your customer to say, "no, not interested," when they see your advertising, especially on an expensive display.

So, why do customers turn up their noses at your digital signage? Well it all boils down to relevance, uninspiring content and lack of engagement.


Think about how many advertisements you have seen or walked by that were not relevant to you. I can't count the number of times I see an advertisement on YouTube for a dumb movie I'm not interested in or a product I would never use. Not to mention the more I see the irrelevant advertisement, the more annoyed I become.

Luckily, it's becoming increasingly easier for companies to deliver relevant content on digital signage. All it takes is a bit of analytics and a lot of research.

For example, many digital signage software solutions allow you to examine how long customers look at a display, whether they engage with it and their emotional reaction. You can use this information to your advantage to make your content more relevant.

You can also do a bit of homework beforehand into what type of content your target audience is interested in. If you have multiple audiences, you can adjust your content on the fly to best suit each groups' needs.

Uninspiring content

Even if your content is relevant, that doesn't mean it will make a splash. I see many displays that simply advertise a product's price, and nothing else. It's not useless, as I'm sure it drives some sales, but it's not exactly noteworthy either.

If you use bland content, you will get overtaken by a company that uses bright, engaging content. When selecting content, you need to ask, "What about this will grab my audience's attention?"

It could be something like using a piece of art to draw attention to a 4K display. Or, it might simply be announcing a deep discount, with some sort of time element attached to it.

A key element to inspiring content is that it doesn't just deliver sales, it also boosts brand awareness and value. So, with all your content, you need to ask, "how will this improve my brand?"

Lack of engagement

Some displays just really don't engage the user very well. Sure, it might advertise a certain product, but it doesn't exactly engage them in a conversation with the brand. If you aren't getting your customers to communicate, then you aren't using digital signage properly.

Digital signage provides many tools to encourage audience engagement, such as social media integration. You can integrate a social media newsfeed from your brand and encourage your audience to like or follow your pages. Or you can integrate a camera in your display, so users can take selfies against backdrops or augmented reality elements, such as a virtual sports jersey.

You don't need to turn your display into an interactive marvel, you just need to find a way to get your audience to care about and communicate with your brand.

Neglecting engagement for pushing sales is a recipe for disaster.

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