Top 5 digital signage stories: October edition

| by Bradley Cooper
Top 5 digital signage stories: October edition

Halloween is over, and many countries have turned their clocks back one hour for Daylight Savings Time. Readers of Digital Signage Today have been prepping for the last months of the year by reading articles on future trends and predictions for the industry.

The top stories for October covered topics related to future trends of touchscreen software and out of home advertising. Other articles covered topics related to weatherproofing digital signage so it can withstand the elements.

It's time to take a look back at the top five features and blogs for Digital Signage Today for October 2016. The articles are posted in reverse order.

5. Weatherproofing your digital signage

Weather can easily ruin plans, from picnics to weddings. The same is true for digital signage deployments as well. You can't prevent the rain, but you can prepare for it.

Click here to learn how to weatherproof your digital signage.

4. Digital signage in fast casual; building a better customer experience

Fast casual restaurants are adopting digital tools such as kiosks and digital menu boards at a faster pace than before. If done properly, digital signage can help build a better customer experience.

Click here to learn how digital signage can boost customer experience for fast casual restaurants.

3. Content is king

It is very easy to get swept away by digital signage technology and lose sight of the fact that the success of our industry rests on content. Content is king.

Click here to learn about effective content management.

2. 8 near-future trends set to change out-of-home advertising

The out-of-home industry is set to evolve more rapidly over the next 18 months. The oldest advertising format has seen significant changes; mobile convergence, developments in digital platforms and data sources are changing industry perception.

Click here to learn about these future trends.

1. 4 Predictions for touchscreen software in 2017

It's hard to remember a day when touchscreens weren't a central fixture of day-to-day life. But just because touchscreens have been everywhere for a while doesn’t mean that the technology has plateaued. Quite the opposite. Researchers are always continuing to develop the technology and push it forward to find new ways of meeting the needs of both end users and enterprises.

Click here to learn what's on the horizon for touchscreen software.

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