Surf's up: The smell of digital signage success

July 1, 2014 | by Christopher Hall
Surf's up: The smell of digital signage success

A multisensory digital signage campaign for a new laundry soap brand recently gave off a whiff of summer and got shoppers hopscotching along.

Working with JCDecaux Innovate, Kinetic Active, Kinetic Worldwide’s in-house technology division, launched the two-week campaign for Unilever's new Surf Wild Flowers and Morning Dew fragrance in shopping malls across the U.K.

Bespoke digital signage six-sheet units were deployed to six shopping malls across the country on June 30 for the two-week campaign. The interactive drive was spearheaded by brand mascot Surfy, encouraging shoppers to play a game of hopscotch using brightly colored vinyl graphic flowers on the floor in front of ad panels. The six-sheet units also featured scent emission units, giving off a spray of the new Surf laundry fragrance at timed intervals.

"This campaign created the perfect opportunity to target consumers in the right mindset in malls by adding an additional sensory element to the digital out-of-home campaign," JCDecaux U.K. Marketing Director Dave McEvoy said in an email to Digital Signage Today. "Sensory advertising adds a powerful new dimension to DOOH campaigns, creating an immersive experience for audiences on-the-move."

The sensory experience also included having the shopping mall elevators fully wrapped with scented vinyl and playing a 20-second audio file every time a shopper entered.

The campaign also was bolstered by scented wardrobe hanger tags distributed at points of sale and changing rooms in nearby retailers.

"This interactive and multi-layered campaign was designed to deliver real consumer impact while showcasing Surf's playful new fragrance," Sam O’Connell at Kinetic Active said in a press release. "The campaign highlights the creative possibilities of out-of-home advertising while delivering a truly memorable experience."

According to an email from a JCDecaux U.K. spokeswoman, the digital signage screen in the unit displays the mascot, Surfy, introducing the "new playful scent" that is "in-store now." The lathery looking mascot blows bubbles that have words in them that say:

  • "Put some play in your day!"
  • "Do the hopscotch and have fun with the NEW scent!"
  • "Go on, give it a go!"

The Surfy mascot on the screen encourages consumers to "do the hopscotch and have fun with [the] NEW scent," she wrote.

The campaign was planned and booked with JCDecaux Innovate by Mindshare and Kinetic.

Katy Holder at Unilever said in the release that "Surf offers a bright and unique approach to laundry, guaranteed to put a smile on your face and leave your clothes smelling gorgeous. The new Surf Wild Flowers and Morning Dew really encapsulates the playful nature of the brand, perfect for creating fun and interactive out of the home."

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