4 ways digital signage can make factories run like well-oiled machines

4 ways digital signage can make factories run like well-oiled machines

By Jeroen Rademakers, head of PR and Communications, Netpresenter

Getting everyone informed in an office setting is already a tough job. Now think about what an impossible task it is to keep everybody on the same page in industrial plants with hundreds or even thousands of employees, most of whom do not have access to a computer. Shooting a quick email is obviously not an option, so what is?

Digital signage is. Not only do large screens in factory halls convey important information to large groups of workers at the same time, they can also improve motivation, increase safety and boost productivity.

Here are four key ways digital signage can be used in industrial facilities: 

1. KPIs near production lines

Large screens that show actual- and target figures to your workforce work incredibly well to drive production at your plant. Facilities can display outputs such as up-to-the-minute production information, actual production figures and comparisons against a target or a previous period, and motivate staff to meet their goals without keeping them from their work.

2. Gamification

Nobody likes to lose a game. That's why more and more industry leaders are turning to gamification to motivate their staff and raise production figures. By introducing game elements such as scoreboards into the workplace, a natural urge to win takes over, making workers want to perform even better. Digital signage screens help keep facility staff's eyes on the prize by displaying game announcements and scores throughout the plant.

3. Employees of the month

Employee incentives, such as employee of the month, can generate healthy competition between individuals or teams within a company. If the incentive is compelling enough, it can make everyone work harder. Keep everyone engaged by broadcasting incentive notices or outcomes on every large screen within the organization.

4. Days without incidents

Keeping track of how many days a facility has gone without an injury using digital signage screens can serve two purposes: These large safety scoreboards can inform employees of how many days the business has run injury-free, and they can promote safety. On top of that, digital signage screens are perfectly suited for break rooms or near time clocks, ensuring everyone will see them.

Rademakers is head of PR and communications for Netpresenter, which provides an enterprise-class software platform for integrated communications and mass notifications. Headquartered in The Netherlands with offices in the U.K., Germany and the U.S., Netpresenter says its multichannel solutions are designed to let companies and organizations manage emergency alerts and improve their internal communications to build employee engagement and to help save lives.

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