TechViz partners with Christie for 3D, 4K and VR at SIGGRAPH15

TechViz, a global provider of immersive 3D virtual prototyping software solutions, is presenting its latest immersive visualization solutions along with digital signage and visualization technology provider Christie at SIGGRAPH 2015 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, according to an announcement from Christie. 

In partnership with Christie, TechViz is demonstrating the combination of its TechViz XL software package and the Christie Mirage 4K25 DLP 3D projector for the first time. TechViz XL is designed to allow users to display 3D models directly from native industrial or VR applications onto a 3D display.

A new step in immersive VR technology, the combination of TechViz XL software and the Christie Mirage 4K25 DLP 3D projector is designed to allow users to visualize the 3D application of their choice at a very high frame rate with high image quality and without data conversion.

 "We have developed a portfolio of advanced visualization solutions that provide users with the tools they need to make adjustments at an early stage of their product design, save time and money during the conception," TechViz General Manager Alberto Gabaï said in the announcement. "The combination of TechViz XL with Christie's highly performant projector adds an exciting new dimension to immersive 3D virtual prototyping. We are looking forward to this partnership."

For the first time at SIGGRAPH, according to the announcement, attendees will see the combined solution of TechViz XL software with the Interactive Physics Simulation Interface haptic toolkit from Haption. Displayed on a Christie Entero HB 72-inch WUXGA display cube, this solution demonstrates force feedback in 3D for an immersive and interactive experience in VR.

The TechViz IPSI Connector integrates the IPSI haptic toolkit into TechViz XL. This makes haptic systems compatible with 3D models from Siemens teamcenter, PTC Creo and more than 200 3D applications supported by TechViz XL. The technology is used for simulating the operations necessary to manufacture a product, long before the first prototype is built, and is designed to help companies reduce technical risks, improve assembly processes, optimize their maintenance, save time and reduce costs.

"Christie is pleased to be partnering with TechViz at SIGGRAPH 2015," said Keith Klentz, director, visualization and simulation sales, at Christie. "The combination of the Christie Mirage 4K25 projector and TechViz XL software shows how users can easily translate their 3D models onto a 3D display. Supporting a video processing pipeline of up to 1.2 gigs per second, users can rely on the Mirage to display stunning 3D content for an immersive VR experience."

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