Panasonic screen offers high image contrast, transparency

Panasonic plans to launch a transparent screen with high image contrast next month. The product, which is comprised of the XC-CSG01G glass and XC-CSC01G-A1 control box, will enable companies to use glass as digital signage, according to a press release.

The XC-CSG01G is made of a high contrast light control film placed between two sheets of glass. The control box can switch the screen between transparent and screen mode, thus companies can choose whether the screen can act as a simple window or as digital signage. The control box will control the projector sending images to the screen. Users can also combine multiple screens to create one large display.

The device is also designed with a color hue control layer to absorb external light, which in turn reduces image degradation and delivers high contrast images. The color hue control can also be adjusted based on the brightness of the environment. Users can also use the optional anti-reflective film to reduce glare.

Topics: Display Technology, Hardware

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