MagnaChip Semiconductor Corp. now offering multi-channel mini LED driver

MagnaChip Semiconductor Corp. is now offering a multi-channel mini LED driver for digital signage. This driver can power 36-channel LEDS concurrently, according to a press release.

The company built the driver with high surge protection, and a 64-Pin QFN package for good thermal performance. It also uses 12-bit grayscale pulse-width modulation for LED current control.

"MagnaChip's multi-channel LED driver features high efficiency, high contrast, low temperature heat and highly reliable surge voltage characteristics, bringing the benefit of both energy and cost reduction to the entire ecosystem of customers in the long term," YJ Kim, CEO of MagnaChip, said in the release. "MagnaChip is planning to extend the product line for the fast growing segment of digital signage by developing products with an extension of channels and Micro LED drivers with a high accuracy of LED current based on our new 36-channel LED driver."

Topics: Display Technology, Hardware, LED Signs

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