Janus Displays unveils digital signage monitoring system

Janus Displays recently unveiled its Guardian on-site monitoring system for digital signage. The company also provides Guardian Relay for customers that have on-site servers or limited Internet, according to a press release.

Guardian runs on Janus Displays digital signage to collect, manage and analyze system-related data and information. It can also detect key issues such as connectivity issues, hard drive, CPU usage, offline/online status and more. When it detects a problem, it sends an email about the issue and details about the best way to solve it.

"Guardian and Guardian Relay let our technicians monitor a system's overall health and often respond to and resolve issues before they're noticeable on site," Mike Sousa, senior project manager, Janus Displays, said in the release.

Guardian works with any version of Janus Displays' Vizia or Vizia Interactive software. It requires Windows 7 or higher and Netframework 4.5 or higher to work, according to the release.

"A customer's IT team also will love Guardian because it is secure," Steve Hudson, technical services engineer, Janus Displays, said in the release. "All reporting data is outbound network traffic; Guardian does not open any type of access for inbound hacking or access. Customers won't need to set up special exceptions or make firewall rules in order for it to effectively operate and provide you with information."

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