CBTS integrates InformaCast Fusion mass notification system

CBTS, a tech provider, has integrated InformaCast Fusion, a cloud-based mass notification system, into its Hosted Enterprise Unified Communications solution. Customers can use this tool to push messages to desk phones, digital signage, desktops and other devices, according to a press release.

Fusion provides live audio messages, prerecorded messages, SMS text, email, phone calls and push notifications. It can also send messages via social media platforms or instant messaging. Other features include:

  • Can request a response from users
  • Admins can expand the audience of a message
  • Enables conference calls
  • Can trigger alerts based on geo-location

"The InformaCast Fusion mass notification system provides our clients with a powerful messaging tool to help meet their physical security needs, and we are pleased to include this functionality as part of our Hosted Enterprise Unified Communications solution," Joe Putnick, vice president and chief solution architect, CBTS, said in the release.

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