Ayuda unveils Revenue Intelligent platform for DOOH

Ayuda Media Systems recently announced the launch of its Revenue Intelligent platform for OOH and DOOH media holders. The platform uses Ayuda's optimization algorithms as a way to analyze operations, sales and finance data, according to a press release.

Ayuda is already offering the platform to DOOH networks as a content management system and player that can play content from different sources. The tool prioritizes content using its waterfall mechanism that plays content first from direct sales, then from external programmatic solutions such as Hivestack or another VAST or HTML source, according to Daniel Fleischer, vice president of business development and marketing, Ayuda.

RI helps unlock the day-to-day operational data from the Ayuda platform and turns it into insights to help companies boost occupancy and rates, according to the release.

"We now turn attention to unlocking the power of the business data that is already managed by the Ayuda platform. Expect to see Ayuda begin tackling elements that only a complete solution such as Ayuda’s can attempt, under the Ri banner," Fleischer said in the release. "These include, for example, dynamic rate cards, campaign planning optimization, occupancy and rate optimization, and lessor prioritization. Optimizing against all the elements simultaneously is of course the holy grail of an ultimate yield management platform for OOH."

Topics: Advertising, DOOH Advertising, Software

Companies: Ayuda Media Systems

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