AdMobilize intros vehicle recognition solution for DOOH

AdMobilize has launched a vehicle recognition engine that detects and recognizes vehicles in real time. OOH advertisers and media companies can use the engine to more effectively target audiences, according to a press release.

For example, a luxury goods company might use the engine to target consumers driving luxury cars. The engine also uses the AdMobilize vehicle detection platform that counts cars and measures vehicle speed and peak traffic periods, feeding this data into a dashboard.

"The sheer computing power and the deep algorithms required to track, identify, recognize and display [ads to] hundreds of cars per minute with exceptional accuracy is enormous," AdMobilize CEO Rodolfo Saccoman said in the release. "Our vehicle recognition engine, like all of our solutions, is designed for scalability — running on low processing power devices — ensuring minimal capital expenditures and maximum measurement accuracy."

Topics: Advertising, DOOH Advertising, Outdoor Signage, Software

Companies: AdMobilize

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