AdMobilize integrates analytics into interactive subway doors

AdMobilize has deployed its audience analytics package into interactive subway doors at three stations in the Sao Paulo Metro in Brazil. ViaQuatro, the company behind the interactive doors, will now be able to analyze the effectiveness of its advertising on the doors, according to a press release.

The system can analyze the number of people viewing the advertisement as well as their emotional responses. The interactive doors provide a variety of information, ads and news to travelers, according to the release.

"The AdMobilize system quantifies the number of people standing in front of the doors along with their gender, age, dwell time, and facial emotion analysis," Rodolfo Saccoman, CEO and co-founder, AdMobilize, said in the release. "These expressions include happiness, surprise, neutrality, and dissatisfaction, among others. The traditionally used historical-based proof-of-performance data is incomplete and highly inaccurate. Thus, advertisers are quickly embracing AI-built analytics in order to dynamically change their ads and reliably understand the true impact of their advertising."

Topics: Content, Interactive / Touchscreen

Companies: AdMobilize

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