Extend Information to Everyone's Fingertips in Three Easy Steps

  1. Select a template
    Choose from a collection of ready-made templates to quickly design your mobile app or digital sign. Omnivex Ink has templates to suit all of your content needs – portrait, landscape, a few pieces to many pieces of information. 
  2. Add data and configure 
    Easily add your data and content, whether it is scheduling information, weather, KPIs, wait times or any data important to your organization - Omnivex Ink has you covered. Style to reflect your own needs and branding. 
  3. Publish and share
    Quickly publish and share your mobile app or digital signage content with your co-workers, customers or anyone you choose. Easily control and monitor who has access to your information. Updates to your content are shared instantly. 

Why Omnivex Ink? 

  • No Coding Required 
    Omnivex Ink enables anyone in your organization to share content on any screen - no coding required. Perhaps it is an app for employees to log their hours or sales, to update the status of pipeline opps, or a screen showing open support tickets – with Omnivex Ink you can do it! 
  • Secure 
    Your data remains your data. You maintain full ownership of your data and control everything at all times. All transmissions are encrypted and all data and content is encrypted at rest. You are in full control over who sees your data and what they are able to do with your data. 
  • Bi-directional data flow 
    Data updates instantly.  There is no need for a refresh button. You can push out updates and receive live feedback as it happens. Easily set up crowd collaboration on any source of data. Monitor who is currently using your data and track changes they are making. 

Products and Services

Omnivex Moxie

Omnivex Moxie empowers organizations to deliver targeted visual messaging, using a single software solution across their business. This solution driven approach provides you with a digital signage platform that is intelligent and adaptable. It enables you to touch the right people, at the right time, with the right message. Learn more »
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