Ultravision wins lawsuit over 2 LED patents

Ultravision Intl., an LED manufacturer, has won a lawsuit against Shenzhen Only Optoelectronic Tech Co. for two patent infringements related to Ultravision's proprietary modular LED display panel technology. The U.S. court for the eastern district of Texas handed down the verdict, ordering Shenzhen to pay compensatory and treble damages, according to a press release.

The specific patents in the lawsuit were "No. 9,349,306 (modular display panel) and No. 9,069,519 (power and control system for modular multi-panel display system)," according to the release. The court's injunction bars Shenzhen from importing products that infringe on the patent or from any of its customers using products that violate the patents.

"Ultravision shall recover an award of damages for defendant's past infringement and any continuing or infringement post-filing until all infringement, direct and indirect (of Ultravision's patents) is stopped, including compensatory damages, treble damages for willful infringement, interest, costs, attorney fees, and as provided by 35 U.S.C. § et seq. and 28 U.S.C. §1961," the court ruling said.

Topics: Display Technology, LED Signs

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