Three Dimensions of Opportunity

Three Dimensions of OpportunityPublication Type:
White Paper

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When digital signage first appeared in the marketplace, one of the key selling points of the technology was its ability to stand out from the blizzard of static signage competing for the attention of the consumer. But today, digital signage is nearly ubiquitous, appearing everywhere from storefronts to the side of buses. Deployers have an opportunity to take the next step to stand out from the crowd. This white paper, sponsored by Exceptional 3D, explains why 3D technology could be that step, such as:

  • Eliminating the eyewear
  • Grabbing consumer attention
  • Increasing dwell time

Exceptional 3D

Exceptional 3D is the world largest provider o f“Glasses-Free” 3D displays and solutions for the Digital Signage industry, providing high quality auto-stereoscopic 3D displays, software and 3D content to resellers, system integrators and network operators for widespread adaptation.

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