The Basics of Pixel Pitch

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Know the basics of Pixel Pitch and its importance in venturing into the Digital World.

Pixel Pitch serves a lot more purpose than what we thought because it serves as a fundamental factor of a screen's viewing distance as it defines the resolution of the LED screen, therefore, the lower the pitch, the crisper the content. However, pixel pitch differs from time to time, depending on a lot of factors.

Although there are a lot of applications and executions as far as digital display is concerned, there is always a perfect fit for each and every application. We at Inewvation International create bespoke tailor-made products that are second to none. Making sure that each project will have the proper display with the best specifications, for the right application.

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Inewvation International

Inewvation International is a provider of digital display solutions that designs, customizes, delivers and installs, has content creation and management, and after-sales service.

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