Safe Zone: Using digital signage for public safety

Safe Zone: Using digital signage for public safetyPublication Type:
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The following best practices are important to keep in mind when investing in digital displays for public safety purposes:

Location: Where a display is installed will impact its effectiveness, so it is important to conduct traffic-pattern studies

Control & Content: Investing in software that allows control from a single network or point allows one person or team to monitor displays and control content.

Budget: It’s important to have a clear vision of the goals and needs of the public safety messaging programs and ensure that the budget fits that vision. Budget should be determined early in the project .

Perspective: Think about the passengers and travelers utilizing the transit: What are they looking at, where are they looking and what information would help them the most? Sometimes less is more when it comes to signage.

Using digital signage for public safety in a transit setting can help keep travelers safe and aware even during emergencies, helping to create a more secure future for passengers and transit agencies alike.

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