Quick Guide: Your Successful Interactive Signage Solution

Quick Guide: Your Successful Interactive Signage SolutionPublication Type:

Published / Updated:
July 11, 2017
  • WHY?
    What are the main goals you would like to achieve? How would you describe your target audience? What benefits would you like to offer to your target groups?
  • WHERE?
    What are the preveiling conditions on the installation site. Is it going to be a solution for indoors or outdoors? What about transport, set up, installation and service on site?
  • WHEN?
    Are you planning a permanent, temporary and/or recurring installation? What are the milestones concerning conceptional work, development, roll-out and inspections?
  • WHAT?
    Are you looking for specific hardware or software compents - or for a complete solution? How many displays, apps, functionalities and services are required?


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eyefactive provides unlimited multitouch & object recognition technology for large-scale touchscreens integrated into tables and walls, combined with innovative multiuser apps in world's first professional app store for interactive digital signage touchscreen software. For effective marketing at point of sale & information.

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