NEXCOM Digital Signage Player Captivates Customers During Self Checkout

NEXCOM Digital Signage Player Captivates Customers During Self CheckoutPublication Type:
Case Study

Published / Updated:
May 16, 2017

Shopper expectations are evolving and they want their needs met faster than retailers are innovating. With the objective of streamlining and expediting the checkout process while providing a pleasant experience for their customers, a supermarket chain decided to implement self-scanning and checkout service as an alternative to the traditional cashier-staffed checkout. In order to deliver a digital self-shopping journey that captivates their customers, the supermarket chain relied on NEXCOM’s digital signage player NDiS B325-SI3.

Customers will find themselves immersed in a new shopping experience. Installed in a kiosk stand located at the entrance, the digital signage player reads membership cards to assign and unlock a portable scanner from a docking station. Customers can then freely move along the aisles and self-scan barcodes of items they want to buy. After they have finished scanning their desired items, a checkout barcode at the point of payment is used to upload the shopping list from the scanner to the self-checkout kiosk, which accepts payments with contactless smart cards or credit cards and prints a detailed receipt when the process is completed.

This complete digital shopping experience was especially helpful to improve checkout lines and waiting time, optimizing checkout space. NEXCOM digital signage players unveil extended valuable features for retailers. They create profiles by keeping a record of members and products to further develop new campaigns such as customized vouchers. Kiosks can be connected to a secondary screen to display promotions based on a certain member profile for a more personalized service.

Key Features For Application Needs

  • Intel® Core™ i3-6100U processor for interactive self-ordering
  • Dual HDMI ports supporting 4K resolution for amazing visuals
  • Rich I/O interfaces for ease of system integration
  • Support -20°C to 50°C for embedded kiosk enclosure
  • Fanless design for noise-free operation



NEXCOM is a trustworthy digital signage solution provider of all-in-one digital signage display solutions, in-vehicle signage platforms, video wall solutions, digital signage media players, self-service signage platforms and dynamic digital bulletin board solutions.

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