NEXCOM Audience Analytics Digital Signage Player Boosts Customer Satisfaction

NEXCOM Audience Analytics Digital Signage Player Boosts Customer SatisfactionPublication Type:
Special Report

Published / Updated:
Dec. 27, 2016

Business intelligence gives retailers a better understanding of customers' behaviors to help adjust and optimize selling strategies. With the advance of Quividi audience analytics software, retailers can securely and accurately measure audience dwell and attention times, and estimate their gender and age ranges, turning raw data into actionable business insights.

Supported by 6th generation Intel® Core™ i3-6100U processor, NEXCOM's digital signage player NDiS B325-SI3 can act as a microserver to generate customer insights and offer a superior shopping experience.


NEXCOM Audience Analytics Digital Signage Player:


VidiReports Pro: Automated Audience Analytics

 - Scene analysis: Analyses on how many persons are passing by in the scene (Opportunities To See)

 - Viewer counting (impressions): instantly detects all faces in the scene

 - Face tracking: tracks faces as long as they remain in scene; delivers dwell time and attention time, position and distance

 - Gender classification with a 90% precision

 - Age classification: 4 age classes (child, young adult, adult, senior)



VidiCenter: Online Data Management Platform

 - Securely gathers audience and traffic metrics data from NEXCOM digital signage player installed VidiReports

 - Builds informative dashboards, that gather the most significant charts and KPIs based on the anonymous audience and    traffic data

 - Designed with efficiency and simplicity to get instant info

 - Easy configuration of dashboard in just a few clicks

 - Alerts and diagnostics for remote management of sensors, with advice on how to fix those


Recommended Model:

NDiS B325-SI3 Fanless Embedded Computer 

 - Intel Core®i3-6100U processor for face recognition processing

 - Dual HDMI ports supporting 4K resolution for amazing visuals

 - Rich I/O interfaces for ease of system integration

 - Support -20°C to 50°C for outdoor/semi-outdoor applications

 - Fanless design for noise-free operation



NEXCOM is a trustworthy digital signage solution provider of all-in-one digital signage display solutions, in-vehicle signage platforms, video wall solutions, digital signage media players, self-service signage platforms and dynamic digital bulletin board solutions.

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