WEBINAR: The Internet of Things and Digital Signage - A Smart Combination

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Today people are much more connected to their environment through the devices they carry and those around them. This evolution has been fueled by the Internet and networking the devices connecting to it. This process is about to accelerate as the Internet of Things evolves. Various market research studies estimate by 2020 that more than 26B smart devices (machines, sensors, etc.) will be connected to the cloud sharing real-time information.
Digital signage and the Internet of Things are a perfect match in many ways and will help fuel each other's adoption and growth. Digital signs, tablets and kiosks that are driven by a powerful visual communications software platform have the ability to leverage data coming from multiple sources to deliver much more relevant experiences. The explosion of low-cost devices fueled by the Internet of Things is leading to an even bigger explosion of data from these devices that successful organizations will use to impact positive change. Join us for a webinar to help explain how these technologies are working together today and prospects for the future.
This webcast will highlight:
  • The Internet of Things and the explosive growth of devices;
  • How organizations can easily leverage IoT and digital signage in their organization; and
  • Examples of where this technology is being used today.

Meet the panelists

Jeff Collard
Omnivex Corporation

Assuming his role as President in 1998, Jeff plays a key role in product development and product marketing. Jeff has been a driving force behind the company's marketing activities and relationships with its business partners.

Stephen Eyre
TELUS' IoT Partner Ecosystem

30-year veteran of the technology industry in software and business development, sales, consulting, and over the last 15, creating and nurturing deep partnerships, Stephen now drives developing the partner ecosystem within TELUS' IoT practice.

Christopher Hall
Networld Media Group

Christopher serves as editor of DigitalSignageToday.com and the ICXA website. A longtime freelance reporter, he is quickly establishing himself as an observer of the emerging trends and concepts shaping the sector.


Established in 1991, Omnivex enables organizations to transform data into dynamic visual communications and experiences. We help organizations empower, enhance, and extend their two most valuable assets – people and data.

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