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Inewvation International offers 6 unique services that are intended to give customers the utmost satisfaction that they deserve.

  • Design

We conduct research; define strategy, and design brands and interfaces that meet our clients’ goals. Every project is different; that is why we enjoy client services. Clients benefit from our years of experience, and we never stop learning.

  • Customization

Flexibility is our specialty. We develop high-level concepts for the structure, interaction, and visual edge. We modify, build and design according to the needs of the clients.

  • Delivery

We provide safe and fast delivery of products nationwide and abroad. Rest assured that the purchased items are carefully handled by our team.

  • Installation

Our in-house engineers and technical support team are trained worldwide. They are experts in their field, proven and tested throughout the years.

  • After-Sales Service

We provide quality after-sales service and maintenance. Our team makes sure that every project is well maintained, checked and tested. We also provide 24/7 hotline service worldwide.

  • Content Creation & Management

Our design team endows diversified thinking, unique taste, and passion for artistry, all combined to give you the top-quality content, best fit for your display.

Inewvation International

Inewvation International is a provider of digital display solutions that designs, customizes, delivers and installs, has content creation and management, and after-sales service.

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