How to Choose the Best Wayfinding Option

How to Choose the Best Wayfinding OptionPublication Type:
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Helping your visitors get from point A to point B quickly and easily relieves their stress, gives them a feeling of security and safety, and optimizes the overall visitor experience. We can help you choose the best wayfinding option.

Digital wayfinding is becoming ubiquitous with large screens showing maps and directions in airports, shopping malls and on campuses. This is a modern, exciting way to help your visitors get where they’re going, but there are different approaches to successfully guiding your audience.

When evaluating digital wayfinding methods, you should always focus on the visitor experience. You want people to enjoy their time in your facility and walk away feeling welcome and comfortable.

In our white paper, we’ll walk you through your choices:

  • What is wayfinding?
  • Which option is right for you?
    • Traditional digital signage
    • Interactive kiosk
    • Responsive mobile site
    • Wayfinding app
  • User experience pros & cons
  • Technical pros & cons
  • How to choose

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