How does a university benefit from a digital signage system?

How does a university benefit from a digital signage system?Publication Type:
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The university is a center of discourse, debate and ideas. In a place of so much communication, why is it so hard for you to broadcast important information to visitors and students? Perhaps the bulletin boards are overrun with student flyers and other memos. Or perhaps by the time your information is posted, it is outdated.

Digital signage may be a solution for you. Such a solution would build on your existing wireless network and allow your messages to stand out. You would be able to ensure that your information is up-to-date and "posted" in the correct space.

Or maybe you'd like to decrease your campus' environmental impact. By using digital signage, you can greatly decrease your paper waste (and the costs of producing paper promotions!). If you choose to use NEC displays, know that its materials are recyclable and that NEC has partnered itself with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

NEC has compiled information from industry experts into this complimentary guide to ease the process of researching a digital signage solution for your campus. Sign up for the guide for more on what digital signage can do for you.

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