How Digital Signage Choices Affect TCO

How Digital Signage Choices Affect TCOPublication Type:
White Paper

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The total cost of owning (TCO) and operating a digital signage network goes far beyond the cost of purchasing equipment. Along with the initial capital expenditures for the hardware and software are what we call the costs of deployment (i.e. site preparation, installation costs, network configuration, etc). Once the deployment goes live, there are the operational costs associated with providing power to drive the network and the maintenance to keep it operating properly. This white paper, sponsored by LG-MRI, discusses the ways your choices will affect TCO, such as:

  • Starting at the beginning
  • Setting it up
  • Over the long-term


LG-MRI is the technology leader in outdoor LCD displays. Their flagship BoldVu® displays power Out Of Home advertising networks around the globe and are continually set the standard for outdoor LCD performance. 

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