Getting to the Heart of a Quality LED Display

Getting to the Heart of a Quality LED DisplayPublication Type:
White Paper

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It's often difficult for a deployer of LED digital displays to identify the benefits of one screen over another. Virtually every commercial display promises to deliver years of performance, maintaining a high-quality image with little or no maintenance. Deep inside an LED is a component that, although tiny, can go a long way in determining the performance of an LED display: the LED driver integrated circuit. This white paper, sponsored by Macroblock, details the importance of LED driver ICs, addressing:

  • Image uniformity
  • Refresh rate
  • Reliability
  • Power consumption
  • Error detection
  • Current gain

Macroblock, Inc.

Macroblock is ranked 2nd in the leading suppliers of LED Driver ICs and 1st in the leading supplier of LED Video Display Driver ICs by 2013 IHS Research.

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