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Drive-Thru Service Mimics In-Store Experience with Digital Signage

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White Paper

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Aug. 26, 2016

NEXCOM digital signage player NDiS B533 has helped one of the biggest coffee chains in the world provide face-to-face ordering at drive-thru lanes. In an effort to boost traffic and sales, the coffee chain had an idea—attracting customers in a hurry with the drive-thru service. With a potential to double the sales revenue, the drive-thru service must deliver not only speed but also amiable experience similar to its impeccable in-store service, prompting the coffee chain to build a face-to-face ordering system with NEXCOM digital signage player NDiS B533.

Installed at the ordering point, the NDiS B533-powered face-to-face ordering system plays menus and promotions on three large screens. When customers pull up at the ordering point, a barista will show up on one screen, greeting with a warm smile. Customers can place orders by speaking to the barista face-to-face through video chat and see order details and total price on the screen so they can rest assured that their orders, especially customized drinks, are taken correctly and prepare the payment before reaching the pickup window. 


NEXCOM is a trustworthy digital signage solution provider of all-in-one digital signage display solutions, in-vehicle signage platforms, video wall solutions, digital signage media players, self-service signage platforms and dynamic digital bulletin board solutions.

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