Improve Communications and Safety with Digital Signage for Schools

Grab students’ attention and communicate more effectively with a generation already immersed in tech. Digital signage for K-12 provides real-world benefits for both schools and students.

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The Mzero Software Ecosystem Infographic

MzeroPlatform offers a secure browsing environment with a high-spec user interface that is ideal for any business. It is the foundation on which customized kiosk software is built.

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Simplifying SD-WAN

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Staying Secure with Parallel Networks

Parallel Networks allow retailers, financial institutions and branch offices to incorporate digital signage into their marketing efforts without risking sensitive customer information.

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Leveraging the Internet of Things with Wireless Networks

Internet-connected devices allow businesses to gather detailed information about their operations in real time, enabling them to make decisions that can benefit the bottom line.

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A Reliable Retouch

Founded in 1992, DNP Photo Imaging America (originally Pixel Magic Imaging) is one of the largest providers of digital imaging solutions for photo retailers. Its customers include mass retailers, grocery stores and photo speciality retailers. With such a large and...

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Reducing Credit Card Fraud: Three Steps for Successful EMV Implementation

Partnering with vendors can help retailers and restaurant operators increase payment security.

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Hype, Heartburn or Hope: A Best Practices Approach for Making Video Analytics Work for Your Business

You've probably heard hyped-up stories about how video analytics--also known as video content analysis--can save the world. You've probably also heard frustrated colleagues complain about how video analytics have let them down. What's the real story? What can you believe? Are video analytics hype, heartburn or hope?

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IT Leaders: Factors to Consider When Evaluating a Video Surveillance Solution

Video surveillance solutions, even if they appear to have equivalent security features, can have very different profiles in terms of impact on IT. To ensure the long-term success and cost-effectiveness of a video surveillance solution, it's important to find an optimal balance between your company's Security and IT needs.

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Enhancing Healthcare Security with Video Intelligence

Effective healthcare requires that hospitals and emergency rooms be safe and secure. However, workplace violence and crime are constant threats. According to the US Department of Justice, the rate of violent crime is 29% higher than average among physicians and 74% higher among nurses.

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Use Video Analytics and Data Decision Making to Grow Your Business

What if there was a gold mine of data that was going untapped by your data decision-making programs? Today, the role of video can extend far beyond security; data gathered from video surveillance can now help decision makers actually grow...

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5 Ways to Use Video for In-Store Performance

Read this 3VR-sponsored paper to see how video is now moving from its loss-prevention core competency to real-time analytics — business intelligence that provides "see it in action" proof that's invaluable for marketing and merchandising professionals.

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