JANUS Displays Completes Digital Signage Installation at Fairmont Austin

JANUS Displays Completes Digital Signage Installation at Fairmont Austin

St. Petersburg, Florida March 16, 2018 – When the 1,048-room Fairmont Austin opened on Monday, March 8, it became the largest hotel in the city (as well as the city’s second-largest building). It also became a temporary home for the thousands of fans the annual SXSW attracts each year, as the hotel hosted several official SXSW events in its expansive meeting spaces.

Guiding fans to SXSW events and other on-site activities? Displays provided by St. Petersburg-based JANUS Displays.

JANUS Displays provided 43 room boards (and content for these room boards), which the hotel is using to display information about meetings and other events; content for the screens featured in each of the hotel’s elevators; and content for the site’s interactive displays. This content includes 3-D mapping, which gives visitors exact step-by-step directions for getting from where they are to where they want to go, as well as a closer look at what they’ll pass on their trip.

Austin Fairmont is the first property to include JANUS Displays’ 3-D mapping on its interactive displays. JANUS introduced 3-D mapping in 2017, and piloted it at Fairmont Austin, which was scheduled to open in late 2017.

Mapping, such as what JANUS Displays created for the Fairmont Austin, helps guests easily navigate large spaces, and know quickly where something is. For example, a guest on the first floor of this hotel can, with the touch of a button, map their way to an event on the hotel’s 35th floor. Guests also can scan a QR code on the display and essentially take the map and their directions with them.

The $370 million, 37-story property includes a sleek glass tower, a covered walkway that connects it to the Austin Convention Center, and nearly 140,000 square feet of event space; is across from Waller Creek and Palm Park; and includes shades of blue and green on its walls, floor coverings, and furniture.

The content designed and deployed by JANUS incorporates the same shades of blue and green to complement the environment, but JANUS also designed content specifically for SXSW events.

“When we design content for our clients, we consider the environment in which the property intends to display our signage,” said William Henderson, director of marketing at JANUS Displays. “We also take into consideration the frames that will enclose the digital displays. Fortunately, we make available a number of standard frame options that work well in most environments, and we offer custom frames. For example, a client can opt to incorporate an acrylic overlay that has a custom back-printed image or color.”

“Want a frame to match the fibers of your carpet or the specific sheen of your doorknobs, we can make that for you,” added Henderson.

Tom Voss, Fairmont Austin managing director, said recently that hotel staff hopes that “when guests enter the hotel, it feels calming and welcoming.” 

Voss added that staff also “strive for jaws to drop and lots of ‘ooohs and ahhs,’ but really we just want everyone to feel as though they have arrived at a place they can call home for as long as they can stay with us.”

Room boards, such as the displays JANUS provided the Fairmont Austin, can be used to direct people to meetings and events; identify a room’s name or purpose (such as a property’s full-service business center or on-site spa); lets guests know when and where a wedding is scheduled to take place; and event become part of a social event, such as a gala or fundraising event.

Before deploying any signage solution, JANUS Displays conducts a thorough burn-in process, leaving content playing for 100 hours. Typically, burn-in occurs within the first 100 hours of turning on a screen, so conducting this test means a property which intends to leave a screen on 24 hours a day, doesn’t have to worry about burn-in.

Founded in 1984, JANUS Displays deploys digital signage solutions at hotels, hospitals and other types of health care facilities, military bases, universities, casinos, and other types of locations. 

The JANUS Displays’ product line offers customers the ability to strengthen communication and engagement with guests and visitors via animated, interactive displays of event listings, wayfinding tools, local maps, weather information, dining reservations, flight status/check-in information, menu boards, advertising, directories, emergency messaging, and more.


For more information, call JANUS Displays at 727-531-4000.

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