Joe Matriss
Joe Matriss, Managing Director of Park Cast Network, an ad-based DOOH network with screens in public parking facilities in New York City and Chicago, shares his experiences, strategies and ideas to encourage more open dialogue between network operators for success across the medium.

Seeking mobile engagement for your DOOH network

It is impossible to ignore the revolution of personal technology. Everyone has been keeping up to date on monthly smartphone sales.

Effectively measuring dwell time for DOOH networks

When a DOOH network is planning, rolling out, pitching and delivering their content, one piece of information is very important: dwell time. Books have been written about content strategies that vary with dwell time.

DOOH networks: Selling to media agencies

Media agencies are notoriously difficult to sell to. You know this if you've ever tried to cold call an account manager.

DOOH network operators: Be ready to act as content advisers

Advertisers demand results. Many new network operators stress over this.

Keeping your screens on: Uptime on DOOH networks

A digital out-of-home network is made up of a lot of different pieces. Most of the time, these pieces work together well, but there are always unforeseen factors that can combine to take a screen, or portion of a network, offline for an extended period of time.

DOOH networks: Leveraging your partners

There are many pieces that must come together to create a functioning digital out-of-home network. Sometimes those pieces come together nicely, enabling advertisers to come on board quickly.

DOOH networks in smaller markets

Digital out-of-home remains a young advertising medium. Not because the technology or know-how are new, but because DOOH networks are cropping up in places where there traditionally was no advertising before.

Selecting and packaging high-value locations for a DOOH network

The term critical mass is highly subjective. When viewed as the break-even point for the growth and rollout of a network, it is difficult to understand that sometimes the whole is less valuable than the sum of its parts. Take a look at the outdoor billboard industry.

Selling DOOH

People do not fully understand the way that advertising influences people. In a gigantic industry, there are endless ways to reach people and make them aware and interested in a particular product or service.

Introduction and call to action

This blog post marks the first of our continuing series for DigitalSignageToday from the perspective of our digital out-of-home network, Park Cast. The primary reason to write this blog is to encourage more open discourse between the different DOOH networks...

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