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Darrin Friskney is director of Danville, Illinois-based Watchfire Signs, which has been manufacturing outdoor electric signs since 1932. He can be reached at darrin.friskney@watchfiresigns.com. wwwView Darrin Friskney's profile on LinkedIn

3 ways to predict screen reliability

When consumers purchase big ticket items such as cars, they typically do their research to find out how reliable they are. With LED screens, it can be a bit more difficult. Luckily, there is a handy tool called Mean Time Between Failures that can be used to measure a screen's reliability based on a few traits.

Improved technology gives digital signage owners extra advertising power

Technology is driving big changes everywhere in our society, including digital signage. Today, digital signage owners can leverage advances in interactive marketing that provide unprecedented ways to personalize advertising messages and tailor them to precisely fit the needs of customers.

How to keep your digital signage from being shut down by the FCC

Digital billboards and LED signs are increasingly being targeted by the FCC due to high emissions. The reason for this is due to a flaw in Asian-manufactured displays. You need to have a plan in place to avoid getting targeted by the FCC.

Promotion and performance: Stories from the digital billboard revolution

For those of us in the digital display business, it's easy to understand why things like dynamic and conditional content are revolutionizing the outdoor advertising industry.

Digital advertising at the speed of technology

LED signs are more than just a showcase of vibrant, colorful and attention-getting advertising. With software that is intuitive and highly programmable, sign owners can experience message scheduling that can be customized to their daily, or even minute-to-minute needs.

Using digital to its potential wins customers over and over again

One-size-fits-all messaging simply doesn't work anymore. How can digital billboards and digital signage increase consumer loyalty as well as advertisers' bottom lines?

Learn the basics of digital billboard rate setting

For many operators, the digital billboard business is new territory. Whether you own the first digital billboard in your area, or are starting with a new digital board in an already established market, rate setting is at the very heart of your success.

Quoting the matrix: A guide to understanding LED digital signage

Contractors know that a two-by-four is usually smaller than its name would indicate, still, as an industry standard consumers know what to expect. Unfortunately, in the LED sign industry there is no uniform, standard size for sign modules.

Passing the roadblocks in the LED sign permitting process

The permitting process for digital signage billboards and LED signs is a necessary part of any sign company's operations, and it can be a tough road to navigate. Here are three keys to navigating that path.

Outdoor digital signage trends for 2015

Digital billboard expert looks at trends that will shape outdoor digital signage and digital billboard advertising in the year ahead.

Watchfire Signs issues ALS challenge to the signage industry

The company is nominating SloanLED, The Jordan Company and others to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and donate to the cause.

Federal Highway Administration study confirms safety of digital billboards and signs

Landmark Dept. of Transportation study shows digital billboards pose no safety risk to passing motorists.

Clock's ticking on tax benefits for digital billboard purchases

Again this year, digital billboard operators can benefit from a government program designed to stimulate the economy. The American Taxpayer Relief Act, reinstated by Congress earlier this year, gives business owners the opportunity to lower their taxable income and free...

4 digital billboard trends for the first half of 2013

I have noticed an interesting trend in digital billboard sales so far this year. While 19mm/20mm bulletins have traditionally been the overwhelming favorite and the lower resolution optimized product is still extremely popular for longer reads, there has been a surge in orders for high-resolution 16mm displays in the billboard market.

Digital outdoor 2013: Outsmarting your competition

Last year, I had the pleasure of talking with dozens of digital billboard operators throughout the United States. With more than 250 independent operators as customers, I often hear about the challenges operators face and best practices they employ to...

Boosting digital returns: What is the optimal number of advertiser slots?

As billboard operators convert static faces to digital, a key question is often how best to optimize to the perfect number of advertiser "slots." For someone new to the digital medium, the ideal rotation — six to eight advertiser slots...

Time is running out on tax laws that benefit digital billboard operators

In recent years, tax laws have been very favorable for billboard operators who want to invest in digital billboards, and 2012 is no different. Congress reinstated the bonus depreciation deduction and Sec. 179 expensing limits, providing a favorable expensing climate...

The rate game: How to set attractive digital billboard rates

We talk with hundreds of billboard operators across the country every year, and one of the most common questions we're asked is how to set advertising rates for digital billboards. We love it when we're asked this question, because we...

Digital outdoor well suited for small(er) markets

Lately I have noticed a digital billboard trend that has pleasantly surprised me: small markets succeeding with digital billboards. It would seem to go against conventional wisdom for a small-market digital board to be able to net two to three...

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