Digital displays and screens have conquered more than just the world of point-of-sale (POS), which can obviously be witnessed every day at airports, stations and shopping centers. Wherever people like to stroll, shop or have to wait: digital signage screens became part of a modern everyday life. There is no need to talk about the possibilities and opportunities offered by these new technologies anymore, because everyone is aware of them already.

However, the fact that digital signage can also be quick and simple to install, extremely easy to use and highly cost-effective is new. Our cloud-based solution for managing digital advertising and information displays provides you with an easy and free of charge access to the world of digital signage. On top of this you can progressively extend your projects up to globally networked screens and information systems.

Use viewneo for your advertising messages by using your own images and videos. Or perhaps have a look at our already-made templates, so you can combine your images and videos with a text to quickly create a campaign. viewneo supports all common media file formats and therefore your existing media files can still be used. Another advantage is the the possibility to use almost any display device as a digital signage monitor, either with the App on a Tablet-PC or via HDMI stick on any screen with HDMI input.

Use viewneo to manage your:

  • Promotional TV at the POS
  • Waiting room TV
  • Shop window TV
  • Information displays
  • Welcome TV in reception areas
  • Corporate TV possibility to use almost any display device as a digital signage monitor,

Products and Services

Digital Signage Player: viewneo signage stick

The digital signage player is installed within just a few minutes and gets connected to your user account at You can get started right away and create your contents and playlists at your PC. Learn more »

viewneo Content Management System for Digital Signage

Viewneo CMS allows you to use digital signage so easy. The Internet grants you the access to your screen and lets you change your content from anywhere. Pictures, videos, or even PowerPoint. Define the order in playlists and the duration of each content. Learn more »

viewneo Butler for IoT

With viewneo butler you can connect to IoT devices to control things. Synchronize things with content. viewneo butler works with "Internet of Things"- platforms like IfTTT or to control or measure events at the ponit of sale. Learn more »

viewneo Bar Tab for flexible Digital Signage

All-in-one-solution: A digital signage tablet as a stand system (pedestal) with multi-touch display including a viewneo pro license for one year for using the viewneo software. Learn more »
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