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Since 2009, we’ve offered groundbreaking touch technology products used by brands like Disney, Blizzard, Microsoft, and Celebrity Cruises. As a tight-knit team of artists and engineers, we are continuously innovating at the intersection of hardware and software, with a focus on jaw-dropping multi-touch displays.

We’ve been told our touch screens are “like something straight out of Minority Report"—and it's true that our hardware and software provide an out of this world experience. Even better, they keep audiences engaged with vibrant content whether at trade shows, corporate events, or anywhere you need to make an amazing impression.

Contact us today to learn more about how our systems and solutions can impact your business. Whether you're a global brand, DJ, marketing agency, retail store or hotel, our team of experienced touch specialists are here to help!


Products and Services


A gorgeous see through display. An all-glass design. Even more touch control. It’s our most luxurious touch screen system yet, and the ultimate WOW factor. Learn more »


Notably one of the most revolutionary experiences for on-stage performers in the last 30 years. DVS2 is a unique REAL and USABLE Multi-Touch Control System that allows the crowd to see exactly what is happening on a huge transparent touch screen. Learn more »


It’s a marriage of cutting-edge multi touch technology with a massive see-through screen. It’s a DJ’s dream, but that’s only the beginning of what it can do. Best of all, it’s so mobile-friendly that it sets up and breaks down in 60 seconds or less. Welcome to the Elite. Learn more »

Emulator 2

Your new favorite controller  now for Windows & Mac OX X! Experience 100% customization of any MIDI software.  Learn more »
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