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Shopping Mall Self-Service Kiosks are designed specifically for the retail industry and are an ultimate way to delight your shoppers, gain customer loyalty by increasing their satisfaction, and ensure seamless shopping experience. It offers opportunities to increase customer spend through store specific incentive programs.

Large, attractive screens with touchscreen capability and intuitive User Interface allow customers to easily navigate and share information as well as scan loyalty cards, and print coupons.  With our remotely managed, cloud based Content Management System software, you can easily update and manage information displayed on kiosk screens in real time. Built in analytical tools provide instant automatically generated reports for data driven decisions and strategic planning. Our Shopping Mall Self-Service Kiosks are empowered with enhanced data security.

Most requested kiosk features include:

  • Promotional Coupon Printing-Each store in the shopping mall is provided an additional opportunity to promote itself by offering coupon printing at the kiosk. Customers are able to obtain a coupon right away from the store they are looking at on the directory listing.
  • Instant Content Search-Our touchscreen software has instant content search feature enabled. Users can quickly and accurately find the information they need in just a few clicks.
  • Multi-level WayfindingQwick Media shopping mall directory software provides an accurately measured 3D custom-made map of each level of the building. Shoppers will be able to quickly find the best route to any shop or service easily and seamlessly.
  • Featured Business Page-Our software provides individual content display pages for every business that requires advertising space. Printing and QR code auto-generation are well integrated to help each company promote themselves effectively.

Qwick Media offers turnkey solutions from design to deployment and lifelong support, customization, branding, and large selection of self-service kiosk models.

Read our new Success Story  about how interactive kiosks transform idle waiting time to active shopping time https://www.qwickmedia.com/christmas-self-service-kiosks-at-metrotown-shopping-mall/


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Products and Services

Tourist Self-Service Information Kiosk

Our Tourist Self-Service Information Kiosk will customize the experience and let visitors get the most out of their trip, while maximizing on-the-spot spend and allowing you to decrease media and advertising cost. Be a leader and adopt the most engaging, interactive and sustainable way to enjoy your destination. Tourists love it! Learn more »

Event and Conference Self-Service Information Kiosk

Engage and inform guests! Get instant access to event information and find your way around with intuitive user interface. Qwick Media combines powerful digital signage software and extensive engineering capability with best in the market touchscreen kiosks to offer market leading Self-Service Information Kiosks for Events and Conferences. Learn more »

Hotel Self-Service Information Kiosk

Make your hotel exciting, engaging, and interactive with Qwick Media Hotel Self-Service Information Kiosk. Our leading touchscreen technology and engineering capability, integrated with best-in-the-market hardware, ensures flawless delivery of any interactive solution for hospitality industry. Learn more »

Wall Mount Digital Signage

Wall Mount digital signage offers high resolution screens of various sizes, sleek, compact design and touchscreen functionality.  Combined with Qwick Media industry leading touchscreen software, this is a powerful advertising and promotional tool. Learn more »

Video Wall Digital Signage

Benefit from a superior quality integrated solution. High-resolution bright LCD displays, powerful data processing hardware and software present any content in a visually appealing way. Flexible, reliable, and dynamic, Qwick Media Video Wall systems deliver exceptional performance. Learn more »

Lobby Art Digital Signage

Make a new statement and refresh the look of your hotel lobby or office with modern art technologies. High-resolution digital signage screens, set in unique frames matching the style of your interior, will captivate your customers and emphasize your adherence to high style and progressiveness. Learn more »

Mobile Phone and Tablet Charging Station

Inform your guests, generate advertising revenue, and delight your customers with excellent service, while keeping them charged and connected. Qwick Media combines powerful digital signage software and extensive engineering capability with best-in-the-market hardware to offer QWICK Charge, a market leading mobile device charging station. Learn more »

Endless Aisle Kiosk for Retail

Qwick Media introduces an industry leading Endless Aisle Touchscreen Kiosk for retail. We blend online and in-store formats to stimulate higher spend, personalize communication, increase loyalty and achieve a unique brand experience. Large retail chains have already discovered and use our retail self-service solutions. Learn more »

Hospital Virtual Receptionist Kiosk

Increase your facility's ability to efficiently serve patients, while simultaneously improving customer service and fundraising efforts. Qwick Media combines powerful software and extensive engineering capability with best-in-market hardware to offer market-leading, self-service solutions for hospitals and the healthcare industry. Learn more »

QWICK Self-Service Kiosk

QWICK Self-Service Kiosks are market-tested, interactive technologies suitable for a variety of industries. We are a turnkey provider of standard self-service solutions as well as fully customized projects. Be a leader and adopt the most engaging, interactive and efficient way to serve your customers! Learn more »
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