MzeroInterAct digital signage software solution engages consumers with interactive information and provides a platform to advertise, direct, inform and alert. The digital signage software application is highly configurable and promotes engagement through interactive information. The digital signage software application is built on Meridian's Mzero software platform, which offers a secure browsing and locked down environment for cloud based content, an easy to use content management tool and remote management using Mzero Manage. Available as a stand-alone software package for existing hardware, or as a packaged solution on a Meridian kiosk, InterAct adds value by enhancing customer experience and providing a revenue-generating advertising platform.

Features + Benefits

  • Secure Browsing for HTML + Web Content
  • Easy to Use Content Management Tool
  • Ad Loop and Attract Screen Player
  • Print on Demand Capability
  • Full Mobile Integration Through, SMS, Beacons, QR codes and More
  • Multi-Language Support in Ten Languages
  • Remote Management using Mzero Manage
  • VoIP Calling Capability (VoIP SIP Service)

Insights + Usage Data

InterAct analytics offer insights into usage data and audience metrics such as application usage, navigation and remote monitoring. ANALYTICS Track the number of interactions made with each kiosk. This data can be used to determine which kiosks are getting the most traffic and performing best. Track the number of interactions that are made with each listing (or advertisement) on a kiosk. This includes:

  • The number of times the ad has been clicked
  • The number of times the QR code has been scanned
  • The number of phone calls made (if VoIP is enabled)
  • The number of SMS messages sent

Content Management 

Mzero Software provides the foundation to create rich interactive experiences that are measurable, manageable and accessible. InterAct’s easy-to-use content management system allows users of any skill-level to leverage the digital signage solution. The InterAct content manager is intuitive, guiding the content creator every step of the way.

Products and Services

Indoor Digital Signage

Meridian’s interactive kiosks provide a seamless combination of form and function.  Learn more »

Outdoor Digital Signage

Meridian's outdoor solutions are usable in any weather, including direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Learn more »

ADA Compliant Solutions

As self-service experts, we understand that when a self-service option is provided, ADA regulations require it to be accessible and independently usable by people with disabilities. At Meridian, we can help ensure your kiosk installation is ADA compliant.  Learn more »

Digital Menu Boards

Meridian’s Digital Menu Boards allow customers to view menus on a rotating display and provide restaurants with the ability to update menu content in a cost and time efficient manner Learn more »
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