Mzero InterAct, built on the secure MzeroPlatform software, is Meridian’s off the-shelf digital signage solution. The interactive digital signage solutions adds value by enhancing customer experience and providing a revenue-generating advertising platform. InterAct is available as a software package or as a total turnkey solution on indoor and/or outdoor models. 

Products and Services

Bill Payment Solutions

MzeroPay adds value to your business by enhancing customer experience through self-service payment. Learn more »

Indoor Digital Signage

Meridian's digital signage kiosks are designed to provide an unattended self-service presence for multiple use cases. Learn more »

Outdoor Digital Signage

Meridian's outdoor digital signage kiosks provide an unattended self-service presence in nearly any climate. Learn more »

Travel and Tourism Digital Signage

Provides communities with a new way to engage tourists and connect locals by promoting events, shops, restaurants and attractions. Learn more »

Wayfinding Solutions

Meridian’s wayfinding kiosks help users navigate their destination and encourages them to explore their surrounding area with interactive information. Learn more »

ADA Compliant Solution

Ensuring your kiosk installation is ADA compliant is easier when working with us Learn more »

Tablet Solutions

Meridian’s tablet kiosks are designed to be versatile for use in all industries. Learn more »

EMV Approved Solutions

Meridian’s EMV approved kiosks are designed and built to protect both consumers and employees. Learn more »

Information Solutions

Meridian's self-service solutions provide easy access to interactive information.  Learn more »

Patient Check in Solutions

Self-service patient check in kiosks can take on a multitude of tasks enabling your staff to focus on what’s most important: patient care. Learn more »

Driver’s License Renewal

Now your constituents can mark getting their driver's license renewed off of the list of things that they put off doing. Learn more »

Directory and Way-finding Solutions

How much time do your employees spend directing people to locations? Learn more »
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