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The MENi 4 sided Full HD LCD information gathering totem is designed to withstand highest global recorded heat and lowest global recorded cold environments. Our unique active cooling system is designed to allow the digital LCD screen to be placed in cold and hot environments even in direct sunlight. Industrial Grade DID LCD with Super High brightness ranging from 2500 nits up to 5000 nits and High Contrast. Options for integrated PC, Touchscreen and Video Extenders. The MENi bottom 55" screens carry a 2500 nit brightness with a 10 points multi-touch interactive HD LG LCD screen. The top screens carry a 3500 nit HD LG screen that can have its brightness be customize to up to 3500 nit brightness.

Whether you are searching for LCD displays capable of performing in sun exposed (full-outdoor) or sun protected (semi-outdoor) areas we have the solution for you. If you want something cosmetically special, the MENi is a neat looking display totem that competes with so many of the outdoor interactive displays totems available to the market. Our all weather outdoor MENi digital signage totem can be well used for both, public interactive urban multimedia screens or highly visible advertising displays at the same and same unit. The unit has an all Weather proof for Digital Outdoor Signage and completely Sealed at a rating of IP65 along with moisture proofing and dust protection.

If you want to inform, entertain, promote and advertise to any target audiences in a highly engaging visual and/or interactive fashion then MENi digital signage display totem is the right solution for you. And if you are searching for aesthetic, high reliability and high performance all weather LCD outdoor solutions, then MENi  is the right choice for you.

Deliver a great first impression at a cost effective price with an MENi 4 sided advertising totem outside your business. Ideal as a customer service point, wayfinding signage or menu board - the screen has been designed at the optimum height for away viewing.


MENi has a top solar powered Light that stores energy for later at night in order to light up the walk way or street with light source coming from the sun during the day.

Products and Services


Interactive POS Cash Dispenser with Card and NFC Reader Totem. (Indoor) Learn more »

Interactive Audience Engagement Robot - MeaBot

MeaBot is an interactive Audience Engagement and Measurement Robot. It can be positioned in different markets serving the client as: A receptionist, Wayfinder, Shopper Guide, Social media Integrator / “Selfie station”, Store assistant / customer service associate Learn more »


MEL Totem series are an Interactive high definition and high luminous color displays. It has also multiple combination solutions with flexible display functions integrated within a small space clearance design added to low maintenance cost and high reliability. I Learn more »


The MEZ kiosk is designed for indoor usage. This totem is specially designed for multimedia advertising purposes and supports display sizes ranging from 32" all the way to 65". Learn more »


MED Interactive Digital Signage series come with high luminous and high color displays. It also has as the rest of our Totems, multiple combination solutions with flexible display functions integrated within a small space on the bottom of the display stand added to low maintenance cost and high reliability. Learn more »


MEU series are the slimmest interactive way-finding digital displays in the market. These series range in display sizes from 22" all the way to 42", included with it a 32 points multi-touch capacitive screens. Learn more »


MEBA Monitor Series offer the highest picture resolution on the market with sizes ranging from 55" all the way to 84". The "UHD" images you display are 4 times the resolution of standard high definition. Learn more »


The MEO series are a fully integrated outdoor digital signage display Totems that are suitable for displaying information to the public in a very simple and presentable way. Learn more »


media mea's high quality TFT LCD multi touch screens are made ultra thin and super light in design. The screens have high contrast ratio and LED brightness with true color.  Learn more »


The MEID collection includes a wide range of touch screens and motion activated and affordable dynamic interactive digital signage displays ranging from 10" all the way to 42". Learn more »


The new MEAC HD Multitouch Display Desk Table Series from media mea features a high definition LCD display which can support multiple simultaneous touch points.  Learn more »


Taxi Rooftop Digital Signs are a great way to spread advertising messages by bringing attention to a message tailored to a specific market sector group.  Learn more »


MEOL-i series will save you on transportation cost and installation structure. MEOL-i uses precise die casting aluminum which ensures that the spacing between any two SMD LED modules is much smaller than the traditional LED RGB cabinets.  Learn more »


media mea provides durable all in one touch screen PCs with its MEQ Desktop series for the workplace, professional use, commercial, retail, industrial, public access and other heavy use of environments and applications Learn more »


The MESA Interactive Multi-Action Coffee Table series successfully integrates the touch screen technology into a coffee table design. Learn more »


The MEDi digital Totem from media mea is a work of art with an industrial heart - designed, engineered and fabricated to handle all the bumps and knocks that are part of busy public settings like malls, larger retailers, airports, campuses and convention centers Learn more »


The new METi Interactive Digital Table looks like a work of art, but has and industrial heart - Designed, engineered and manufactured to handle all the bumps, knocks and spills that are part of busy retail and public settings.  Learn more »
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